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sAre' jahAn se' achchhA

Md. Iqbal

sAre' jahAn se' achchA hindo'stAm hamArA |
hum bul bule' hai is kee, ye' gul sitAm hamArA ||

parbat vo' sabse' UnchA hum sAyA AsmA kA |
vo' santaree hamArA, vo pAs bA hamArA ||

go'dee me' khe'l tee hai is kee hajAro'm nadiyA |
gulshan hai jinke' dam se', ras ke' jinA hamArA ||

maj hab nahee sikhAtA Apas me' byr rakhnA |
hindee hai hum, vatan hai hindo'stA hamArA ||

English Translation

Our India is the best amongst the countries of the World.
We are its nightingales and it is our garden.

The highest mountain-neighbor to the skies is our sentinel and guards us.

A thousand rivulets play in its lap, and due to them it has become the envy of the heavens.

Religion does not teach us to hate each other.
We are all Indians and India is our homeland.