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  • My fourth Brother-in-law Srihari got married to Ashwini on 11th February 2005. He is working for Capco India, Bangalore.

  • Srilatha gave birth to our second son - Medhansh Kotipalli. He was born on December 3rd 2004 at 10:44 PM in Healing Touch Hospital in Secunderabad.

  • Kalyani gave birth to their first daughter - Videesha Raani Jallapuram. She was born on November 28th 2004 11:14 AM.

  • I went on an official trip to Bridgewater NJ on 6th July 2004 from Satyam. Had completed an assignment with Aventis Inc.

  • Sridhar and Padma had a baby girl on 3rd July 2004. The baby is named Brinda Jallapuram

  • We bought a new flat at Meghna Gardens in East Marredpally Secunderabad in April 2004

  • My fourth Brother-in-law Srihari got a job in bangalore. He is employed with Ness technologies from 05th March 2004.

  • My third Brother-in-law Srikanth got married to Kalyani on 21st March 2003. He is working for Co-Systems Bangalore.

  • My third Brother-in-law Srikanth got engaged to Kalyani on 5th July 2002.

  • My first Brother-in-law Srinivas returned back to india in January 2002. He is working for British Air.

  • My second Brother-in-law Sridhar got married to Padma on 1st December 2001.

  • I joined Satyam Computers Services Limited as Project Manager on 12th November 2001

  • We returned back to India after four successful years in the USA on July 28th 2001

  • We were blessed with a baby boy(Venkataashish Kotipalli)on June 1st of the Millennium.

  • My Eldest Brother-in-law Srinivas got married to Sunitha on 12th March 2000

  • I got married on 5th of march 1999.

  • Here is a look at our marriage invitation.

    My Marriage Invitation (Telugu)
    My Marriage Invitation (English)

  • I got engaged on the eve of dusshera viz., October 1st 1998.

  • Want to have a look of my sweetheart !!! Go to the PICS page.

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