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I dunno whether whatever I am addressing to in this particular page would be useful to anybody. But the objective was to assist some aspiring people of my kind who are trying to fix their significant other halves on the phone. These are tips and questions addressed to only them. Others please ignore. I know this is not an exhaustive list but still I hope this helps atleast somebody???

  • 1. Ask him/her to start first and ask you questions?
  • 2. What are you future plans?
  • 3. What and where did you complete your studies?
  • 4. What is your aim in life? Are you interested in studies?
  • 5. Are you interested in a household wife status or any professional career?
  • 6. What are your first impressions from the photographs that you saw of mine?
  • 7. What is her basic intention in coming to the US?
  • 8. What are your favorite colors?
  • 9. What are your hobbies?
  • 10. What is she expecting in her/him better half?
  • 11. How many yrs. is s/he thinking of staying in the US?
  • 12. Whom does s/he like the most in her family?
  • 13. Does s/he like watching movies?
  • 14. How does s/he pass her time?
  • 15. What is her/his height and weight? All extremes (too thin, too fat, too timid and too tall) governs how much and how long you will spend on shopping for her/him.
  • 16. How much interest s/he has in gold ornaments? Check the size of her wrists which will give you a fare bit of idea how much you might be spending on gold bangles
  • 17. How much interest does s/he have in makeup/getting ready? Check the size of his/her feet. This will shape a good idea for how much additional income you need to keep her/him look good
  • 18. What is her/his daily routine OR daily schedule at work if s/he is working? Check on the answer and observe how organized and sequential is his/her response. Based on which you can think about how good your kids will be brought up -- and obviously s/he is going to make your Home - sweet home???
  • 19. Last but not the least what is s/he comprised of - the basic character?

  • 20. For Intelligent Wife Seekers - Although Intelligent for woman is rare yet Try Your Luck -- Don't Forget to take an IQ test?????

  • So guys BEST OF LUCK... Hope you Succeed!!!!